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How to Execute a Contractor Coupons Marketing Campaign

Referrals from trusted friends are influential, but many contractors and other small business owners are surprised to learn that coupon marketing is just as effective when it comes to acquiring new customers.

With the invention of the internet, consumers no longer have to wait for their local Sunday paper to arrive. Instead coupons are now predominantly distributed through the internet where consumers can find, save and share the coupons they need anytime and eliminate the need to carry slips of paper around. The internet has also transformed consumer shopping habits. More and more consumers are becoming more price-conscious and often choose to hire one contractor over another if they are offered some sort of a discount or deal.

The bottom line is that contractor coupons work. So how do you create a successful coupon marketing campaign for your home improvement contractor services? Here are some tips:

1.) Coupon Offer 
Research reveals that consumers respond most favorably to coupons that offer a specific dollar amount off a service. For example, “$25 Off First Time Gutter Cleaning” works much better than just stating the services you provide and offering a free estimate. Consumers are not dumb. They expect all estimates to be free so kick it up a notch and be sure to include a specific dollar amount or percentage off in your coupon.

2.) Coupon Distribution
There are many companies that will mail your contractor coupons to homes. You can also mail them yourself but we recommend avoid mailing. Not only are these mailing programs expensive but industry studies continue to show that less and less of commercial “junk mail” is being opened. The times are changing. When a homeowner is looking for home improvement services they turn to Google and the rest of the Internet. Every industry has websites dedicated to helping consumers save money. For example, people who are planning a vacation usually start their search at Orbitz, Expedia or Priceline. A couple that is planning a wedding starts at or Homeowners who are looking to remodel their kitchen, finish their basement, put in new windows or any other home improvement service usually start at sites like Find websites focused on home improvement and contractor coupons and make sure you get your coupon posted on those sites. It’s much more affordable than mailing to homes and much more effective.

3.) Coupon Freshness
It’s important that you change and refresh your coupons with new offers at least twice per year. Consumers spend a lot of time on these websites and seeing the same design and offer will not cut through the clutter as fresh new offers and new designs. Plus, some services are seasonal so it makes sense to change your offer depending on the time of year it is. For example, a landscaper is better off promoting their yard and landscape services in the warmer seasons and other services like snow plowing in the winter.

4.) Track Redemptions
The great thing about coupon marketing is you can easily track how effective it is by comparing how many redemptions you receive in a year vs. the cost you paid to place your coupon on a website. Many contractor coupons websites like offer a variety of coupon advertising packages starting as low as $15 per month which is only $180 per year. For most contractors, even one new customer is worth it at $180 per year.

Coupon marketing combined with great service and other lead generation advertising programs can help develop a regular customer base and help you grow your business. Hopefully the tips in this article will help you get started.

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